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    File Cabinet Series
     E-Lock Cabinet Series
     Ideal Cabinet Series
     File Cabinet Series
     Clothes Changging C..
    Safe Cabine Series
     Safe Cabine Series
     storage cabinet ser..
     Firearms Cabinet Se..
     Lock Cabinet Series
    Book Shelf Series
     Book Shelf Series
     reading desks series
     Magazine Showcase S..
     Multi-Function Comb..
    System Furniture Se..
    Office Desking series
    Medicine Cabinet Se..
    Dense Storage Series
    Storage Shelf Series
    machinery safe series
    Olding Cabinet Series
    hotel box series
    Lass Cabinet Series
    Mexhanic-Code Safe ..

           Established in 1996, Zhejiang Fuxing Metal Manufactures Co., Ltd specializes in researching and producing various modern metal products. Our company owns the advanced numerical control machine tools and first class steam phosphating static spraycoating streamline and plays the leading role among domestic companies in the same field. The representative products are the steel/steel-wood products and the multiplex developing coordinate products. Meanwhile, we can process and manufacture all kinds of big size products. We also supply different service according to different customer¡¯s individualized request.
            Our products are inspected by the national professional quality inspecting center under strict quality guarantee system. We accumulate our experience and continuously make progress, so that we create our own brand-Jindie with high reliability in the same field.
            Jindie products include more than 200 varieties, such as steel ideal stationery cabinet series, steel wardrobe series, steel-wood files shelf series, storage series, screen series, products rack and dense cabinet, assembled bed, reading table, professional safe cabinet and various coordinate products and so on.
            Jindie people¡¯s management ideal: Treat people with honesty. Satisfy people with quality.
            Jindie people¡¯s pursuing target: Create a comfortable and high efficient work environment for you.
            Prospecting the new century, Jindie metal manufactures Co., Ltd will produce newer and applied products with higher quality and more reasonable price to respond the customers¡¯support.

    Copyright 2006-2007Zhejiang Fuxing Metal Manufactures Co., Ltd. ÕãICP‚ä05005641Ì–
    Hangzhou Chuangyi Scienstific and Technological Information

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